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How much does it cost?

Prices can vary largely depending on size of space, finishes and things like drawer additions and other add ons. A simple functional design can start at around $180 per linear foot!

How long does it take?

This is usually determined by the size of the project and finishings chosen. Once we have completed the design process and you have approved it, we are typically 2-3 weeks away from your installation date. The majority of installations are completed in 1-2 days.  Most of our projects are completed within 3 month of when we arrive for the in home consultation.

Is my closet under warranty?

Anything installed by Creative Closets will be covered by a lifetime warranty.  We have a no hassle service call system in place to have a team member visit if there was ever an issue with your closet system.

What finishes are available?

We offer a range of different finishes and door profiles.  During your in home consultation a member of our team will have colour and material samples as well as door profile options for you to choose from for your new built in cabinetry system.

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